The ideal pool cover for you

A covered pool is very beneficial for you.

Security – The covered pool avoids kids and pets from falling in to the water. It is very easy to keep your loved ones safe with a covered pool.

Temperature – Heats your pool’s water without any additional heating system. With a cover, the water gets warm quicker and free of cost due to the rainforest effect produces under it. It can also extend the swimming season. In combination with the BRILIX heat pumps, you can keep your pool’s water temperature perfect from Spring to Autumn.

The pool cover saves maintenance time and reduces the amount of chemicals used to treat the water.

Our construction approach covers conventional block and liner construction, bespoke and one piece fiberglass pools and the top of the range concrete and tiled pools, offering a range of aesthetics and price options.

Why ALBIXON covers?

  • Security improvement due to the cover
  • Protection against accidental falls into the pool
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Up to 8º increase in water’s temperature
  • No water pollution
  • Chemicals use reduction
  • Longer bathing season
  • Swim avoiding weather condition (rain, snow, wind …)
  • A wide range of colours to match you house and garden’s decoration